Côte Noire Diffuser Set - Reine de la Nuit

Côte Noire Diffuser Set - Reine de la Nuit


Glass diffuser & refill set. Includes a classic French Carafe, scented diffuser oil and reeds. Packaged in a reusable large canister. Crystal Base is not included in set.

Size: 250mls

Reine de la Nuit'Queen of the Night' - enchanting floral with notes of jasmine & osmanthus.


Other fragrances available:

Bleu Intense, 'Deep Blue' - an exquisite blend of rich amber, patchouli & ginger flower.
Bois Ancien, 'Antique Wood' - Oak & black tea with velvet tones of tonka bean.
Confit de Grenade, 'Candied Pomegranate' - an infusion of pomegranate, quince & caramelised sugar.
Pomme d' Ambre, 'Pomander' - rich & exotic, a blend of amber, cedar & orange blossom.
Lac du Bourget, 'Lake Bourget' - a complex fragrance of oriental lily, honeysuckle & ivy.
Lavande Sauvage, 'Wild Lavender' - lavender flower tamed with bergamot & lime.
Rose d'Orient, 'Rose of the Orient' - Turkish rose infused with Eastern spices.
Vert Anis, 'Lime Green' - Jamaican Lime, cypress & crushed verbena leaves.

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